How to Build simple Hello World app with Google Home using Templates EditorGoogle AssistantLeave a Comment

Google Home Hello World App How to

It is always fascinating as a developer to build something very quickly like writing a simple print statement with ‘Hello World’ in anything new that you are learning and testing it out. Let’s look at how we can do this for Google Home. Google simplifies development for beginners with less development knowledge with the concept of templates. You can use … Read More

How to install ASK CLI to manage Alexa Skills, AWS Setup

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Install Ask CLI for Alexa

If you are a new Alexa Skills developer seeking for information, the Alexa developer website is pretty much the first place all of you go to create Alexa skills. The Alexa Skills interface in the developer portal has undergone a lot of change since its inception and is today amongst the most user friendly developer sites in terms of its … Read More

How to setup DynamoDB Locally on Mac

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Step 1 : Install Java When you try to setup DynamoDB on Mac, you will need to have Java Installed. If you just go to Java website by Oracle and install, still you may get error on command line tools like below. “To use the java command-line tool, you need to install a JDK.” It asks you to click “More … Read More