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Google Home Hello World App How to

It is always fascinating as a developer to build something very quickly like writing a simple print statement with ‘Hello World’ in anything new that you are learning and testing it out. Let’s look at how we can do this for Google Home.

Google simplifies development for beginners with less development knowledge with the concept of templates. You can use templates and build a simple app, without using complex actions, etc.

Step 1 : Go to Actions Console at

Step 2 :Click on Add/ Import Project and you will get a pop up like below and you will need to enter a name for the project. I have entered FirstHome

Step 3 : Now you will see a different screen like below. You need to go to the bottom of the page and select the template you would like and for the chosen template, click on ‘BUILD’

Step 4 : Once you click on BUILD, you will see a screen like below. Here you will need to choose the type of Personality you want to tell the questions and answers or the voice. There are three options here in the Trivia template, you can hit on the play icon to get a feel of how it sounds. After you try out, select one of them by clicking on the tile. If selected, it will be in Blue like below.  After that, click on next button as show below with arrow.

Step 5 : Once you click on NEXT, you will get screen like below to upload content via Google Sheets. Click on the Tile that says ‘Bulk upload the content for your app..’

Step 6 : You will see an option to upload your own Google Sheet.  As you are starting from scratch, you can click on on ‘Make a copy of the pre-filled Google Sheet for editing’

Step 7 : You will get a pop up in new tab like below. Click on Make a copy.  This will create a copy and put it in your Google Drive and open it for editing

Step 8 : You will have the Google Sheet open and here is where you enter your Trivia questions or your own questions and Answers like below.

You can change the sheet name to reflect your App name

Step 9 :  Now that you have updated the sheet with your data, you can go back to the actual App dialog and click on next as shown below.

Step 10 : You need to upload the Google sheet that you just updated by using the Google Sheet URL. As shown below, get the URL of the google sheet you update and paste it and click on UPLOAD button.

Step 11 : If upload was successful, you will get a confirmation like below and also tells how many rows were detected. As upload is successful, you need to click on the CREATE APP button as shown below.

Step 12 : If everything went well, an App is created and you get a small confirmation like below and you will get an option to test. You should click on TEST APP

Step 13 : Now, you are ready to test the app. You can either say or type “Talk to my test app” for Google Assistant to respond.

Step 14 :  If everything went right, your app will start and game will start, it will look like below. You can either type or say with voice using the mic icon next to the text box to enter. You can also see the logs in technical terms on the right.

Below, you can see, the question I added as well.

That’s it ! You have build your first Google Home App and tested it using a template, it is a simple “Hello World” kind of exercise. You really  did not write a line of code, if you recall…just few steps. There are more steps involved, if you want to publish the app, etc. We will cover that in another exercise.

Did I miss any step ?  Any other ideas to build a simple Hello World Google Home App ?

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